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In addition to last week’s blog post with photos from Lantern Festival, I dug out this video which helps to convey the atmosphere. Just listen to those fireworks!

Aston Foreigners
2012! Bang! That sounds like the future! “Twenty-twelve.” New years resolution? Get on with my blog. So, with no further wait: Every so often I use my photography / cinematography skills to help out the school. Last year this involved making some photos for use on a flier, and also making some testimonial videos that other potential teachers could check out. I’m quite happy with the results, it turns out my classrooms can be converted to makeshift studios quite easily…

So, a while ago I blogged about my holiday to Harbin. I promised a video, and here it is. I’ve been super busy of late, but more on that in a future update. Time to try catch up with this blog!

I shot this video last week. I was mainly shooting photos at the Beitang sports day, but I thought the photos didn’t give justice to just how many kids were there dancing. While this isn’t a particularly quality video, I think it gets the idea across. πŸ™‚ Enjoy! Photos (600 of em) from the event are in my very, very long que of photos to edit and blog.

Here’s the video of my trip to Chongqing. It’s 18minutes so grab yourself a cuppa. Maybe rated PG-13. A little colourful language, but nothing too bad. Also, the video got a little ‘squashed’ at some point during the upload, so the aspect ratio is slightly off. Weird.

My good skating friend Dwayne held a skating competition to promote his skating school. I mainly went to take photos (which will follow in a later post) but I also shot a little bit of video, then threw together this film. Enjoy.

Weinan Hot Wheels Skating Club – Slalom Skating from Joe Whittingham on Vimeo.

Now I have my new shiny Canon 5D Mark ii with it’s full HD 1080p video feature, I intend to get back into videography a bit more. The 5D isn’t a perfect video camera, as holding it steady is a bit tough due to it’s compact size, but the video is more of a party piece anyway. But, I paid for the camera, and I paid for all my lenses – may as well use them! This is my first video, just shot over a few hours of skating with my friends. For the most part, I wasn’t really directing them, just observing and recording. Anyway, you can hit play above to check out the video in wishy-washy quality, or you can CLICK HERE to go view it in HD (which I recommend!)