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Tai Chi in Weinan City Square
So, this actually happened when my parents were here, but I didn’t think it fit in very well with the other posts. While they were here I decided to show them the masses of people practising tai chi, kung fu, badminton, etc. in the square. I took along my camera (of course) here are the photos. 🙂

Weinan Hot Wheels Skating Club – Slalom Skating from Joe Whittingham on Vimeo.

Now I have my new shiny Canon 5D Mark ii with it’s full HD 1080p video feature, I intend to get back into videography a bit more. The 5D isn’t a perfect video camera, as holding it steady is a bit tough due to it’s compact size, but the video is more of a party piece anyway. But, I paid for the camera, and I paid for all my lenses – may as well use them! This is my first video, just shot over a few hours of skating with my friends. For the most part, I wasn’t really directing them, just observing and recording. Anyway, you can hit play above to check out the video in wishy-washy quality, or you can CLICK HERE to go view it in HD (which I recommend!)