Aston Foreigners
2012! Bang! That sounds like the future! “Twenty-twelve.” New years resolution? Get on with my blog. So, with no further wait: Every so often I use my photography / cinematography skills to help out the school. Last year this involved making some photos for use on a flier, and also making some testimonial videos that other potential teachers could check out. I’m quite happy with the results, it turns out my classrooms can be converted to makeshift studios quite easily…

Aston Foreigners - Joe Aston Foreigners - Julian
Me and Julian…

Aston Foreigners - Michael Aston Foreigners - John
…Michael and John.

Here’s a couple of photos of the flier that the photos were used for. If you click the one on the right, you can see some of the ‘adjustments’ I made. 🙂 Well, we had 20,000 copies of it. Endless opportunity for graffiti.

And here’s John’s testimonial video. There were 4 others, but John’s is the funniest. 🙂

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