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Birthday Presents!

IMG_1154, originally uploaded by Akira2506. Okay, this blog post is so long overdue, but I’ve been avoiding it because there’s some presents I didnt take pictures of that I need to go back and snap…but, I just didn’t have the time, so… I’m just cutting my loses and posting what I have so I can […]

Climbing Hua Shan, originally uploaded by Akira2506. Okay, so, the day before my birthday (my Dad’s birthday! 😀 ) I rallied the troops and embarked on a mission to climb a mountain. Mount Hua Shan to be precise. This photo was as fresh as they’d look for the next few days. Everyone getting a trucker’s […]

Freestyle Slalom in the Dark

Freestyle Slalom in the Dark, originally uploaded by Akira2506. So, I had some new lighting equipment arrive, actually presents for my birthday (which actually isn’t until next week), courtesy of my awesome parents. Thanks guys! Anyway, I took it out the very first night, set it up as you see above, and got these shots: […]

The June Catch-Up Post

Beitang Panorama, originally uploaded by Akira2506. Okay, lets get this party started! 🙂 As usual, all photos are clickable for bigger, better versions. Here’s a photo of Beryl I took around the apartment, there’s a few more to be found here:Clicky clicky Then it was Children’s day at the start of the month. Here’s some […]


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

Woah, it’s JUNE?   Yikes!   May went really quick. The Chinese gov3rnment continue to block blogger, so I’m delivering this blog via a resistance member I only know by the name of Scarlet Croissant, I leave the message on the inside of a wine bottle label on the table next to the northern side […]

Wow, 102 days in China! Thats gone pretty quick for me. But… of course, its been an eternity for you guys back home… missing me every day…. right….right…….right? Hehe, well… The Chinese g’vernment has blocked blogger (the site this blog is on) so I now have to blog a very long-winded way, and it means […]

… when you’re having fun. 🙂 The past few weeks have been a blast, but I’ve just been far too busy to blog. Then when I look back, I can’t actually remember what I’ve been upto. So, I grabbed the photos off my phone, and that gives me something to blog about, so without futher […]

Okay, so yes, I’m alive! ^_^ Its crazy how time flies out here, I can’t believe its been 11 days since I updated this. Hmm… Well, I can’t really remember everything that happened, or in what order, so expect this blog to be a bit of a random brain fart! So… one day… can’t remember […]

Blog post coming soon. Its 0038hrs and in China I just can’t pull the 5am bed-times I could pull in England. Perhaps I don’t consume enough Pepsi Max here. Anyway, blog post coming tomorrow, but for now, have a picture of me at the top of a mountain! I’ll explain that photo, and many others tomorrow! […]