… when you’re having fun. πŸ™‚

The past few weeks have been a blast, but I’ve just been far too busy to blog. Then when I look back, I can’t actually remember what I’ve been upto. So, I grabbed the photos off my phone, and that gives me something to blog about, so without futher delay:
^ Random snap of a couple of students. This tiny girl and huge dude are in the same class. I thought it was a cute contrast.
^ This old guy was using his brush and just water to draw calligraphy on the floor. You see many people doing it, but rarely do they do “bubble” letters / characters, so I was super impressed. I actually ended up talking to him, and was suprised at how much we could talk, apparently my Chinese is improving! That and the fact he was good at drawing, and he’d draw lil’ drawings to help get his meaning accross. He was 76 years old!
^ Speaking of old men, here’s me rocking a pair of “old man” sunglasses.
^ and Tim… looking like something from a BritPop group.
^ Random snap of Beryl preparing for a lesson. πŸ˜€
^ Took this photo in Rob, my manager’s, house. This is about a weeks worth of trash. We think he has a problem… πŸ˜›
^ …but, it was his birthday! To celebrate we headed on out to KTV. Always a fun night. Left to right: Dumi, Kristy, Rob, Beryl and Cheer.
^ Rob and Cheer knocked out an awesome duet of “unforgettable”
^ Towards the end of the night… Rob was in good spirits πŸ˜€
Plenty of other shenanigans have been going down, but half I’ve forgotten, and half I’m too lazy to type up. My favourite story from the past week was probably last night. I went skating for the first time in a few weeks, and it was the first day it had been dry for 3-4 days, so there was a huge turnout of kids. DwayneΒ and his friends teach the kids before we start skating ourselves. So there were maybe 15 students, and a crowd of about 50 parents / onlookers. (Crowds flare up really quickly and easily in China.) Anyway, one of the guys was doing some drills with the students, and… long story short, I ended up doing the drills, the kids and crowd were amazed that a foreigner could count to ten in Chinese. Chinese people think their language is impossibly hard for foreigners to learn… I guess they’re mostly right. πŸ™‚
Well, this is the 2nd evening of my “weekend” and I have that Sunday night feeling, so I’m gonna go find something to do… take it easy people!

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