Wow, 102 days in China! Thats gone pretty quick for me. But… of course, its been an eternity for you guys back home… missing me every day…. right….right…….right?

Hehe, well… The Chinese g’vernment has blocked blogger (the site this blog is on) so I now have to blog a very long-winded way, and it means I can’t upload images directly. *sigh*

So, you can check out the gallery here:

This time I’ve included captions with the images (but you have to view the big-versions to get the captions.) I recommend clicking the first image, then just hitting “Next, next, next” and scrolling through them that way.

Nothing else major to report… everything is business as usual. I’m hoping blogger gets unblocked soon, so I can resume a more normal blogging pattern.

Oh, and on another note, its currently 00:20am here on Friday the 22nd of May… which means it’s my mother’s birthday today!

Happy Birthday Mom!

I won’t embarass people by telling them how old young you are. 😉

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