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Last Friday I headed up to the university to meet Beryl and to watch her universities sports day together. It was a pretty neat experience! It was baking hot, and a good day for chilling out in the grandstands. ^ A shot from where I was sitting in the stadium, so you get the idea… […]

Okay, so my DCs which I loved so much back in England when they were new and shiny have taken a bit of a beating in China. As a reminder, they used to be new and shiny: But a few months in China has reduced them to: ^ (Pictured after a quick clean) So, I […]

Okay, so these are the photos that were taken Tuesday that aren’t the ‘weddingish’ photos. There’s lots of them, two posts worth…so buckle in: ^ How to start the day. Okay, how about a large fries, a large coke, FIVE double-cheeseburgers, and a pork-sandwich thing? Haha… admitedly that was between two of us. Rob did […]

More photos 🙂 ^ Fangfang and friend out of their dresses and back into their normal clothes ^ High five ^ 🙂 ^ Awwwh ^ Hahaha, that was a steep hill ^ RAR! ^ Like a GAP commercial ^ We managed to get to this awesome lighthouse-ish generator/pump building ^ I love that star in […]

Okay, My good friend / colleague Fangfang is getting married in a few weeks, so her and her husband-to-be wanted to take some photos in their wedding garb, I heard about this and offered / asked if I could trundle along with my camera. They turned out to be some of the greatest pictures / […]

OUCH! I just got hit by a fraking motorbike! I was crossing the road outside school (four lanes, with the 2 directions seperated by no-overtaking lines) The first two lanes are backed up with traffic, so I walk between the cars to the middle of the road, I look to the right to check for […]

Another skate / photo session: ^ a dude taking his bird for a walk. 🙂 ^ Ka-chow ^ I don’t really like black and white photography, but… meh ^ I dislike it so much I did it twice. 😛 ^ HIGH SUGER! ^ McDonaldsssssssss ^ Tim getting his skate on ^ Floating board! :-O ^ […]

I forgot to mention in my last post…(and I’m far too lazy to find the edit button)…yesterday me and Rob went for a foot-massage place. 10RMB / £1 and you get a back / neck massage while your feet soak, then your feet get the go-over with a couple of razer blades, then they get […]

Okay, it’s getting hot as hell here lately. 31’c yesterday. At night its hot as hell, and my winter duvet was getting too much. My old bed-ware was also pretty ghetto/skanky, a single duvet on a double bed, etc, etc. So, of course… random purchase time! 😀 ^ Fancy bags ^ Ta-dar! Yes, it’s cheesy, […]

Again, not much time for commentry, but here are some random photos from my camera. ^ One of my kids at Beitang. 🙂 ^ The duck is my doing, as is the handwriting. Haha. ^I also have a Romulan in my class. I imagine she’ll look like this when she’s older: ^ That duck is […]