Birthday Presents!

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Okay, this blog post is so long overdue, but I’ve been avoiding it because there’s some presents I didnt take pictures of that I need to go back and snap…but, I just didn’t have the time, so… I’m just cutting my loses and posting what I have so I can move on with new posts.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE ME PRESENTS, CAKES OR CARDS. I had an awesome birthday, even all this way from home. Thanks to Dan for coming out and being with me for it too.

Birthday present
So, this was my first present of Beryl. 109 Origami swans, one for every day we’d been together. Each one had a little note on it with some relevance to us. Super, super cute, and a whole lot of time gone into it!

Birthday present
Present number two from B. An awesome, awesome Origami heart. Each one of the smaller outside hearts is made from a one mao note (pictured next to the heart.) Beryl was showing me and Dan McC how to make these, and they honestly took about 3-4 minutes each. Crazy dedication! 🙂

Birthday present
Detail shot

Birthday present
Everyone knows I love photos, so photo frames were a popular present. This one was from Geri and her boyfriend. Thank youuuu!

Birthday present
This one from Maggie. 🙂 Thanks!

Birthday present
Some of my cards! More arrived after my birthday, thanks to everyone who sent one out! 🙂

I had loads more pressies from friends in China. The cake at the top from Dumi, the cake from the previous post from School, an awesome turtle-themed fruit-skewer set from Kate, a really nice Chinese fan from Ivy, some great smelly stuff from Jenny, an awesome tour book of the province from Fangfang, and a few other things that are probably slipping my mind! It was a great birthday, thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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