Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
So, a few weeks ago now we were warmly invited to Peggy’s wedding. Peggy is one of the Chinese Teachers at Aston, so we gracefully accepted and went along, this time armed with B’s compact camera. 🙂

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
The wedding took the usual Chinese format of the groom going from the couples’ new apartment, to the bride’s family home to “collect” her. But due to the distant between the two, a room in the local Guanming hotel played the part of Peggy’s home. Above you can see the barricade of the door, attempting to stop the groom and his friends from collecting the bride. A trial of his determination and patience. See coverage of my previous weddings if you’re unfamiliar: Geri’s Wedding and Rob & Cheer’s Wedding.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010 Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
The door lock didn’t last long, and then in came the barrage of 30-odd people. You really had to get out of the way once they got their foot in the door.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
B doing a self-portrait with her snazzy IXUS 95 IS.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010 Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
Groom and Bride during the shoe finding shenanigans.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
The stage at the restaurant.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
The couple walking down the aisle.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
There was a huuuuge spread of food, and plenty of baijiu (Alcohol). At weddings, I’m usually running around like a mad man taking photos, and don’t have the time to eat or drink, so this time I decided to make up for it…especially the drinking…

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
…Which resulted in this. Oops! Chelsea looks on very disapprovingly.

Peggy's Wedding - 20/01/2010
Yet, 5 minutes later the Baijiu had taken her down too. It’s the devil’s work.

It was a great day, afterwards we went for a walk around the city. Where we found Haibao! He’s the mascot for the 2010 Shanghai City Expo:

Me & Haibao in Xinda Square Beryl & Haibao in Xinda Square
Woop! 😀

Popeye Cleaning
In the evening we played around with my new studio equipment. I’ll post on that shortly, but first I had to clean the floor in the living room. Beryl thought this was a miracle, and promptly decided to capture evidence.

That’s all for now. I have a tonne of material for blog posts, but somehow just haven’t got the time to go through it all lately. Expect more soon though, so keep checking back.

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  1. 1 dad

    Another lovely wedding!! well done B for capturing the evidenc of Joe doing some domestic chores, no one would have believed it. Dad

  2. 2 L-dan-fill

    All I know is I miss China, and I’ll show you how I’d of been more effective than that lock 😛

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