Me on Hua Shan
Just returned from climbing Hua Shan, again. It was good fun, and very tiring. This time I went to all 5 peaks. Full write-up coming soon. I have 750 photos to edit, and about another 3-4 blog posts I need to do about other things that have happened. Let alone the fact that spring festival / Chinese new year is fast approaching. Ahhhh, busy, busy, busy!

“Random Snap” is a new category/feature on the blog for when I just have one thing I want to share, and doesn’t quite merit it’s own blog post. The quality of the photography may also be lacking and even from *gasp* a camera-phone!

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  1. 1 dad


  2. 2 amy

    that is the most amazing view I have ever seen! But hmmmmmm…… I am not recieving e-mails to say you have posted a new blog like I was before, any ideas why? It’s just the last two that I haven’t been notified xx

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