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Beryl & Friends
Some of Beryl’s friends were celebrating their birthday recently, so they had a mini party at the apartment. Unfortunately I was working that day, but when I came back they were just leading. I took some quick snaps of them, so without further comment, here they are…

Operation Ringflash
A ringflash is a type of camera flash that is…well, A) a flash, and B) ring-shaped. The lens sits inside the ring and is therefore surrounded by light, the result being aesthetically pleasing flash lighting without sharp, nasty shadows. However, ringflashes are expensive. You can get ringflash adapters, pieces of plastic and metal that go over your flash, and convert it to a ringflash. But at £100-£200; they’re pretty damn expensive too. The solution; build my own…

So, Halloween isn’t really celebrated isnt celebrated at all in China, but at Aston we like to teach culture as much as language; so a few weeks back we set plans into motion to celebrate Halloween, including getting all the kids to dress up. It made for some excellent photographs…

Geri's Wedding

On Monday the 2nd of November Geri and her husband got married. I was honoured to be invited, as was my camera. As you’ll know from my coverage of Rob’s wedding Chinese weddings are quite the affair. It started the night before with us going to their new apartment to meet the groom’s side of the family, and generally plan the next day. Myself and B went, and were then treated to dinner with the groom’s nearest and dearest. The next day saw a 5:30am wakeup, for a 6:00am rendezvous, we were collected by minibus and headed to the couples new apartment to again meet the groom…

So, back at the start of August I got wind of some sort of fashion show happening in the square. Unfortunately that night I had to teach, but I figured I’d go down after work and see what I could see. Armed with my camera; of course.

Beryl & Angelina – $th Aug ’09, originally uploaded by Akira2506. So, I finally got around to editing and uploading these photos I took back at the start of August! When Beryl’s sister came to stay I broke out some of my photo equipment and started goofing around using them as my models. Here are […]

Rob & Cheers Traditional Chinese Wedding, Weinan, originally uploaded by Akira2506. If you haven’t already, be sure to read part 1. As usual, all photos can be viewed bigger, or saved. Just click the photo go to flickr, then click the “all sizes” button above the photo. 🙂 So, inside Cheer’s parents’ apartment, Rob had […]

Rob & Cheers Traditional Chinese Wedding, Weinan, originally uploaded by Akira2506. So, following on from the previous rehearsal post, the wedding day was a day of craziness! But very, very cool. I took 1500 photos that day, shooting with 2 cameras. My 400D with the 24-105mm F4 L, and Tim’s 450D which I alternated with […]

Rob & Cheer’s Wedding – The Mothers, originally uploaded by Akira2506. *sigh* So, I keep taking more and more photos and not having time to process the old ones. Gah! Well, I took 1,500 shots in total at Rob and Cheer’s wedding. It was an awesome day which I’ll describe later with the aid of […]

Rob & Cheer Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, originally uploaded by Akira2506. One of over 600 photos I took today of Rob and Cheer in their wedding garb. They each had 2 outfits, and we visited quite a few sights, with more lined up before the wedding. I have a metric tonne of editing to do, but I […]