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Christmas Lights
I know, I know, it’s a catchy title for a blog post, but let me explain…

Weinan Panorama

Hillside Panorama

The Panoramas of Weinan have to be seen full size to be appreciated. Click on the image above and then check out Weinan. Also, click “continue reading” below to check out some cool before and after shots.

Operation Ringflash
A ringflash is a type of camera flash that is…well, A) a flash, and B) ring-shaped. The lens sits inside the ring and is therefore surrounded by light, the result being aesthetically pleasing flash lighting without sharp, nasty shadows. However, ringflashes are expensive. You can get ringflash adapters, pieces of plastic and metal that go over your flash, and convert it to a ringflash. But at £100-£200; they’re pretty damn expensive too. The solution; build my own…

Digital Mosaics

No, This isn’t just a really bad quality photograph. It’s actually made up of 9,000 smaller photographs, all taken during my time in China! Zooming in, we can see the smaller photos that me up the larger one…