Baijiu on Fire
So, Chinese Baijiu (alcohol) has a nasty habit of creating nice big blank spots in your memory. However, I seem to have developed a subliminal technique of taking lots and lots of (mostly blurry) photos and videos when I’m in this state, perhaps in a vague attempt to fill in these gaps. Anyway, the above is one of these said photos.

I apologise for the silence of late, however I’ve set in motion plans to bring back a much more frequent publishing schedule, a plan then should come into fruition in the next few days. 🙂 Lot’s has changed here lately, including the arrival of two new teachers; John and Vicky. One of whom’s parents read this blog, so I’ve been told to say that she’s a very, very nice person, and that one of the above alcoholic beverages wasn’t her’s. Honest.

More soon.

“Random Snap” is a new category/feature on the blog for when I just have one thing I want to share, and doesn’t quite merit it’s own blog post. The quality of the photography may also be lacking and even from *gasp* a camera-phone!

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