Walking around on New Year’s Day

Okay, so this post is now 25 days old, but; better late than never and all that…

So, the streets were BUSY on new year’s day. I think it’s a holiday for most people, which led to a gazillion people walking around Weinan. Just look at all those black-hair-covered heads!

My favourite black-hair-covered-head 😀

One of the intersections got totally messed up. Traffic in China struggles at the best of time, but sheer numbers overwhelmed this intersection. Bare in mind, this is a 4-way, 3-each-way intersection, with 5 traffic officers constantly directing traffic along with traffic lights.

Two of said officers pondering what to do.

Just go ahead
Heading inside for some shopping, came across this Chinese brand. They’re quite big in China, and have billboards everywhere. I like their slogan. “Just go ahead.” Not at all related to “Just do it.”

And finally a view of some of the fresh veg at the local market.

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