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From my kids: Men like to chase women who are as slippery as wet soap in the bath.
“Men love to chase women who are as slippery as slippery as wat soap in the tub.even if those whose who dislike taking a bath.”

I saw this great quote on a kid’s notebook. Usually they have badly translated English (Chinglish) but this one definitely made me laugh the most I’ve laughed in a while…

Anti-H1N1 Exercise at Beitang

Beitang Students Exercising
So, H1N1 is still a big buzz-word in China. As such, the government and it’s agencies are constantly implementing new, illogical counter-measures. For example, B’s schools quarantine; it’s now in effect during the week, but lifted at the weekend. They’re not really quite getting the idea. Anyhow, the latest such counter-measure for me to witness was this “extra” exercise at Beitang…

So, Halloween isn’t really celebrated isnt celebrated at all in China, but at Aston we like to teach culture as much as language; so a few weeks back we set plans into motion to celebrate Halloween, including getting all the kids to dress up. It made for some excellent photographs…

Beitang Students, originally uploaded by Akira2506. Last Thursday was the last day of teaching my seven classes of kids at Beitang, so I took my camera in to take some snaps to remember them by. I ended up taking way too many (over 750!) these are just some of my favourites! Enjoy the cuteness! 😀 […]