OMG I am so drunk but I ahd to write this b,log to t ell you abhout my night. So i was eathuing dinner in the restuant when I see a huge entiourage of guys coming through and the the guy in the middle of the pack sees me and comes over tpo me and I tihnk “oh ho, here we go again.” but he starts talking s and he is the MAYER OF THE FRIGGIN CITY! Wer start talking abouty photography and then city and things like that and then he invites me to his hojme. Thne mayor and nhis entourage were all pretty tanked up alreasdy but i thought that this chnace whill not happen again so me and b said yes and then we got in their cars, they had 3 black audi A8s without license plates of course. OMG his hourse is pimp. and the internet is super quick, haha. He’s gonna arrnge for me to do a family portrait photo of his family and omg im so hooked up now. really need to sleep now. too much baijiu. mbye bye. will tell more tomorrow but now it’s after midnight so goooodnight.

This was just an April fools prank. So sorry! 😛
April fools. 🙂

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