My laptop is dead.

I’m fairly sure the motherboard is fried, some googling discovered that other people with my laptop have had the same problem. When in warranty; you send it back to HP. When out of warranty (as mine is, by a few months, of course.) you’re out of luck. Apparently the laptop is prone to heat build up, and the motherboard warps and joints become unsoldered. I could maybe try find a Chinaman to look over it and give it some soldering, but while labour is cheap here, trying to find someone who I think is upto it could be hard. I keep all my photos backed up on my external hard drive, so I haven’t lost any photos and I should be able to get any data of the laptop hard drive anyway. I doubt I’ll be able to find a replacement motherboard in China, and trying to get one from elsewhere would be economically unsound. Probably gonna have to fork out for a new laptop, and right after spending a chunk of money on a holiday too. At the end of the day, it’s only a collection of plastic and metal… just a rather expensive collection of plastic and metal. 🙁 Long story short (and to stop my whining) — Don’t expect many blog posts soon.

As a P.S: I hope you all went out and exercised your democratic right to vote yesterday. 🙂 No such thing here of course. All the results aren’t in yet, but it looks like a Tory majority in a hung parliament. As if my day couldn’t get any worse. 🙁 Hmph!

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2 Comments to “Houston, We have a problem.”  

  1. 1 amy

    good job you have my vaio as back up lol xx

  2. 2 Daniel

    Sad times. 🙁

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