Car Wrenching
So, it’s somewhat of a tradition that I spend every Christmas holiday in the garage working on some sort of car-related project. I think it’s a great tradition, and there’s nothing like sitting at the Christmas dinner table with your hands and even your face covered in oil. So, I wasn’t going to let being in China stop me…

Car Wrenching
The tradition goes back further than I have photos to prove, but this photo (one of my favourite photos of all time) was taken back in Christmas 2007. This was the Christmas when I (read: “we”) swapped the engine on my Civic. Well, I say swapped the engine…what I mean is I swapped the engine, gearbox, clutch, brakes, suspension, master cylinder, hubs, exhaust, ecu… pretty much everything.

Car Wrenching
and here’s another from last year. While driving to a race track (ironically) the F20 in my mum’s S2000 decided to blow up. Ooops. As timing would have it; this happened just before Christmas. So, that was Christmas holiday 2008 decided; an engine swap on my mum’s car.

The truth is; I have a bit of a reputation for being a “supervisor.” I point at things, and my fellow comrades usually take care of the heavy stuff. In fact, in the above, above photo; that orange jacket has been dubbed my “supervisor’s jacket.” My comrades in that photo (from left to right) are Jay, Rich, and my Dad.

So, this year when Jay’s car needed servicing and so did my dad’s truck… well, I knew they wouldn’t be able to cope without their supervisor, so I supervised via webcam. 🙂 Good times.

and how it looked from my end:

Webcam Shot Webcam Shot Webcam Shot
The thing I miss the most? The picture on the right. Home cooked hamburgers. Nothing like eating a greasy burger with your hands covered in god-knows-what poisonous things. It really does make them taste better, and that’s hard; because they taste gooooooood.

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3 Comments to “Another Christmas spent in the garage”  

  1. 1 gillian whittingham

    Photos taken by me on your blog, and with a camera phone too, whatever next? Great blog. Keep up the good work. Mom

  2. 2 Joe

    I know, standards are slipping, times are tough, etc. etc. 😛

  3. 3 Tony Z

    The garage is pretty cool~
    And the Honda S2000, a very famous car in the film called “The Fast and the Furious”。 I think you should change the tyre of the car into wheels with a size of 21 inch, that must be cool~ hehe
    good luck

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