I’m alive, just!

Sick in China
So, in my last post I commented that my Christmas lights would probably kill me, then I didn’t post for two weeks! No, this wasn’t a sick joke, it was just sick.

I caught what the doc described as “Just a cold.” – but what I describe as super-cold-flu-h1n1-swine-flu-pig-flu-bird-flu-death. I felt like death, and of course I made sure everyone knew about it. Anyway, after a certain amount of moaning, Beryl forced me to go to the hospital. There’s no doctors or GPs in China, so it’s either the hospital or nothing. I’ve seen Chinese hospitals before, enough times to know that you really, really don’t wanna go to them, but I was feeling sick, and Christmas was approaching, and I didn’t wanna be sick for Christmas.

Whats this all mean?!
Here’s what my bloodtest came back with. I have no idea what it means. Anyone with any medical knowledge, feel free to let me know if this is good or bad, and what did I win?

Sick in China
of course, this being China I got put on a drip for my sickness. That was fine for the most part, apart from the last of my three drips, where the nurse missed my vein, instead injecting my medicine under my skin. Which left me with a nice big lump and OUCH that bloody hurt! (lump not pictured, I was too busy swearing to take photos.)

Sick in China
And what was this wonder medicine I was injected with for 2 hours a day for 3 days? Salt. Salt and Penicillin. Joy of joys.

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