National Day is coming

Polaroid: Beryl

Okay. So, two things. 1) National day has already come…and gone. and 2) this Polaroid of Beryl has nothing to do with it…I just wanted to share it. 🙂

Although, speaking of Beryl…

I found out she can knit! She knitted a scarf for my mum. Her skill set is so polar-opposite to mine.

Cross-stitch frog
and cross-stitch! She made me this super cute frog-shaped phone charm. 🙂

Streets of Weinan before National Day
Back on topic. National day! Flags are everywhere.

Streets of Weinan before National Day

Little Girl with Flag
Cute girl with a very faded flag. 🙂

Fly the Flag
and another!

All over town there are stalls like this selling mooncake.

China: Anything is Possible
and finally this shot. “Anything is Possible.” and the Chinese flag.
I’m inclined to agree.


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  1. 1 Kathy

    Really fond of the sequence of “National Day is coming” with pretty Beryl posing about. My point is actually that I enjoy the last pic most, both the shot itself and your very nice caption. I suppose our government might be in favor of this photo and set your new blog a model for all foreigners in China! ha. We’ll see.

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