I’m Alive, and back in China!


I’m alive and back in China, however I have no photos to prove it, so you’ll have to settle for this photo of B, with some of the presents that were bought for her by family, friends and myself.

In fact, my suitcase was mainly full of pressies for her, and she greatly appreciates them all. However, that was her a week ago, and this is her now:

Behind bars and quarantined. Her school has been sealed, nobody is allowed in or out for fear of spreading H1N1. It sucks! Two weeks without her, then I come back, we get to be together for a week, then taken away again!

The school has a weird atmosphere. People meet at the gates to talk and hand each other things. You can get close enough to touch; so I’m not sure exactly how effective this “quarantine” is, but this is the kind of common sense that seems to prevail here.

However! This may or may not be a picture of a gap that B may or may not have crawled through one night to allow us to spend some time together.

On the left is a sign that I presume reads something like “This place is quarantined, blah blah blah.” On the right is another look at that gap that B may or may not have crawled through, so you can see how impressive she may or may not have been in this feat of escape.

So, that’s the big news. Other than that I’ve been pretty busy. I’m just about squeezing in 20minutes for this half-assed blog post then I have to sleep to get up tomorrow for teaching. With B quarantined and Cheer away on business, me and Rob had a lazy week earlier. There was lots of movie watching and video game playing at his place.

His setup is pretty swish. Here we’re making our way through Ironman in HD. We had a pretty disgusting 3 days that included 4 McDonalds’ meals, and a whole box of beer. We slobbed it up big style.

Then FangFang invited me round for hot pot. It was actually a pretty girly affair, I was the only dude, but it was fun. 🙂

Here you can see some shrimp/prawns getting baptised.

I’ve had no real time to pick up my camera (thus the bad quality camera phone photos), let alone make a decent blog post. I just thought I’d better throw this one up before rumours of my demise grew stronger.

Normal service to resume soon.

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  1. 1 Kay

    Glad to see you are safe in China! Hope they release B at some point and that she didn’t get swine flu!

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