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KTV – March 2011

KTV - March 2011
“KTV”? Karaoke TeleVision. Well, it’s just what the Chinese call “Karaoke.” It’s a huge past-time here. Some people take it very seriously too. I, personally, can’t sing for toffee so I usually refrain. Plus the beer is usually over-priced and over-watered. Anyway, occasionally for various festivals or holidays the owner of our school, Max, invites all the employees of the school out for a meal. On this occasion, lots of baijiu was consumed so someone thought it would be a good idea to follow up the meal with a trip to a KTV bar…
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In addition to last week’s blog post with photos from Lantern Festival, I dug out this video which helps to convey the atmosphere. Just listen to those fireworks!

BBQ Street, Weinan, Shaanxi, China - March 2011
So, after wrapping shooting of mine and Beryl’s post-engagement photos, we all headed to BBQ street for some much needed food and drink. Camera still in hand, I took some snaps. Above you can see oil being liberally applied with a paint brush…You’ll either have to trust me that it tastes great, or come out here and try for yourself…
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Lantern Festival 2011 - Weinan, Shaanxi, China
Two blog posts in 24hrs!!! Get in! So far this is like all good new year’s resolutions: starts great…then… well, lets see how often you all are going to the gym in a few weeks, shall we? Anyway… back to the matter at hand. Lantern festival! It’s a festival that takes place 15 days after Chinese New Year and… well, I’m sure Wikipedia can tell you the boring stuff. These days people just set off LOADS of fireworks. It’s like bonfire night (if you’re in the UK) or the 4th of July (if you’re in the states) combined with new years. After a few hours of Lantern Festival, you have a good idea what it must have been like in Baghdad, circa 2003…
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Aston Foreigners
2012! Bang! That sounds like the future! “Twenty-twelve.” New years resolution? Get on with my blog. So, with no further wait: Every so often I use my photography / cinematography skills to help out the school. Last year this involved making some photos for use on a flier, and also making some testimonial videos that other potential teachers could check out. I’m quite happy with the results, it turns out my classrooms can be converted to makeshift studios quite easily…
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Spring Festival 2011

Spring Festival 2011
So, back in March it was “Spring Festival” or as it’s more commonly known in the west; “Chinese New Year.” It is no doubt the biggest and most important holiday on the Chinese calendar, a time of year when everyone heads home to undertake several traditions and be with the family they probably haven’t seen all year. It’s like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving and your birthday all rolled into one. Long time readers will remember this from last year. Those with rusty memories can check out last years blog post; here. But, let’s get on with this year’s…
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Me and Beryl in Chao Yang Park
Couple portrait photography is pretty big in China. Usually after getting engaged, after getting married and after having a baby, portrait photos are taken. Anyway, me and B decided it was time to get our post-engagement shots done. Most people would head to a studio and throw down some money, but… I had lots of ideas, and I had the help of my good friend Winfred, we headed to the newly finished Chao Yang Park in Weinan and came away with these photos…
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So, a while ago I blogged about my holiday to Harbin. I promised a video, and here it is. I’ve been super busy of late, but more on that in a future update. Time to try catch up with this blog!

I shot this video last week. I was mainly shooting photos at the Beitang sports day, but I thought the photos didn’t give justice to just how many kids were there dancing. While this isn’t a particularly quality video, I think it gets the idea across. 🙂 Enjoy! Photos (600 of em) from the event are in my very, very long que of photos to edit and blog.

Honda CBF-125
So, one of our (since departed) FTs, Jim, decided to buy a motorbike. I figured it had been a while since I took photos of a shiny new vehicle, so why not take some photos for him. We went up to the reservoir to the south of the city and took along some lights (and people) to help out. The reason I originally got into photography was for shooting vehicles (then cars) so it was interesting to go back to my roots so to speak. Anyway, I know you came for the pics, so here they are…
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